Chitta Katha Lake

April 21, 2020
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June to September

Chitta Katha Lake (چٹہ کٹھہ جھیل) is located in Shounter valley, Azad Kashmir administered by Pakistan. It is located at the elevation of 13,500 feet (4,100 m). Chitta Katha means White Stream; it is the local name of the stream coming down from the Hari Parbat originating from the lake called Chitta Katha Sar or lake of the Mount Hari parbat. This Mountain is sacred for some people who relate it to Lord Shiva and consider it abode of the Lord and identify it as Kailash. Chita katha can be approached from kel to domel bala about 20 km through jeeps and then 5 km trekking by foot.



1. Islamabad to Kel, Kashmir

By public transport or by personal transport.

2. Kel to Domel Bala

2-3 Hrs Jeep Track, Jeep can be booked from Kel.

3. Domel Bala to Chitta Katha Lake

5-7 Hrs Trekking.