Dakholi Lake

May 25, 2020
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Elevation: 4839 Meters

Location: Surmo Valley

Time: 2 Day Trek

Accessibility: Jun to Oct


Dakholi Lake is a natural and most beautifal lake and is the second highest lake of Pakistan(4,839 meters (15,876 ft) ), still it is un-explored arranged in the mountains of Khaplu broq and Surmo Valley, District Ghanche in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Surmo Valley (Urduوادی سرمو) is a valley in Ghangche District, in Gilgit–BaltistanPakistan. Etymologically, the name is derived from sermo : ser meaning gold and mo is a suffix used to feminise the word.

Surmo is located approximately 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) from the district administrative capital of Khaplu. Its neighborhoods are Choghogrong, Tarkari, Khar, Gond, Langkhung, Tishari and Ghazi-Thang, containing 800 houses and approximately 10,000 people. Cultural symbols include Rgyalmo Khar, Shagharun khar and Minduq Sar (flower garden).

Surmo is one of the oldest valleys of Baltistan. It contains 150-year-old walnut trees. In 1996, stupas were found here. Local people called this place Rgyalmo Khar (a queen’s palace).


1 – Islamabad to Surmo Valley

Both public and personal transports can be used.

2 – Surmo Valley to Dakholi Lake

(2 Days Trekking)


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