Patliyan Lake

May 10, 2020
Lakes, Treks

Elevation: 3950 Meters

Location: Neelum Valley

Time: 6-7 Hours Hiking

Accessibility: May to Oct


Patlian Lake is located in Neelum Valley, Azad Kasmir, at an altitude of 3,950 meters above sea level. The lake is at the distance of few kilometers from Ratti Gali Lake. It is accessable from Lawat side, and the main source of water of this lake is from the glaciers on surrounding mountains.

It will be accessed from Dowarian Village toward Ratti Gali Lake befor 3 to 4 Kilometers roads turns toward left side and goes close to Patlian Lake. Trek is full of greenery and beautiful scenic views.


1 – Islamabad to Lawat Neelum Valley

Both public and personal transports can be used.


2 – Lawat to Patlian Lake

Jeep Trek from Lawat to Patlian Lake.

Camping at Patlian Lake available for night stay.

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